Self Storage in Fargo ND

If you are looking for self storage in Fargo ND you have come to the right website.  There are over 9 different self storage facilities to choose from in Fargo, do you really have the time to shop all of them?  Fortunately for you, we have done all of the hard work and found a great self storage company with 3 locations in Fargo called Security Self Storage.  This self storage company not only has convenient locations, but they offer low prices, modern security systems, climate controlled storage units,  truck rental, trailer rental, boxes, and moving supplies.

Self Storage Services – Fargo, ND

  • Sizes from 5’x5′ to 11’x30′ – Drive up and Interior Storage Units
  • Gated / Fenced Facility
  • Surveillance Cameras / well-lighted
  • FREE enclosed trailer usage to move
  • Excellent Drainage
  • Receiving Service available
  • Crime Free Self-Storage Program
  • Nearly 10′ ceilings
  • Lighted units available
  • Packaging / moving supplies / boxes/ locks
  • Loading / unloading service
  • Locks checked on frequent basis
  • Experienced, friendly staff
  • Climate Controlled Storage
  • No Deposit – Month to Month Rental
  • Truck Rental and Trailer Rental

Security Self Storage is dedicated to the highest standards of cleanliness, security, efficiency, and integrity. Located in Fargo ND, Security Self Storage offers their tenants safe, inexpensive, and convenient storage for their valued personal and business possessions.  But, Security Self Storage offers more than just self storage rental, they also have low priced packing supplies, moving equipment rental, and trailer sales and rental.

Security Self Storage ManagerSelf Storage is a safe, inexpensive, and convenient way to store your possessions. Security Self Storage has nearly 10′ high ceilings that allows for more cubic square footage of storage space so that you can make the most out of your self storage rental dollars.

Self storage rental is smart way to make your home or business more efficient by storing items that are not routinely used off premise.  The self storage industry is booming throughout the United States with 1 out of 10 American households renting storage units.  Whether you are looking for storage in San Clemente CA or here in Fargo ND, self storage facilities are located in most neighborhoods making it easy for folks across America to access to their valued items.

Self Storage in Fargo – 3 Locations to Choose From

You have more than one choice when it comes to renting from Security Self Storage in Fargo, because they have 3 locations:

Locations Security Self Storage

Is it not time for you to reclaim the space in your home or business? Whether you are cleaning, moving, or just trying to de-clutter your life and get a little more space, Security Self Storage has the storage solution in Fargo Nd.  Call Security Self Storage today at 701-235-8719, we know you will be impressed!

Are you interested in learning more about the self storage industry? The self storage industry is much more than just renting storage space, in fact, it offers some of the best commercial real estate investment opportunities in the United States. Go here to learn more now at the Self Storage Association.